The 4D Gaming Stool

Product Overview

The 4D Gaming Stool adds a new dimension of touch and feel to the present audio and video experience.

The 4D Gaming Stool is subwoofer one can sit on. A BIG 12" high excursion driver acts as a tactile transducer housed in a solid BANDPASS enclosure making it very efficient for bass reproduction. This design results in very tight bass. Just connect it to your TV and convert it into a thunderous home theater along with getting tactile feedback for the low frequency sounds produced by a race car’s engine, a bullet fired, explosions, closing of doors, knocking etc


The 4D Gaming Stool is equipped with Buffers and Rubber Isolators to minimize loss of tactile feedback and minimize cabinet vibrations. With low frequencies delivered directly through your body, you will also be able to feel the sounds you cannot normally hear.

The 4D Gaming Stool brings Games to life. With your body being treated as a secondary hearing vessel, the brain interprets the vibrations as felt in real life and puts you right in the middle of the action. You will feel more attached and immersed in the game. In a racing game one would feel like sitting inside the car.

With big driver and high excursions, you will be able to experience detailed low frequency sound just like being in a 4D Movie Theatre with vibrating seats. The 4D Gaming Stool is designed to increase the tactile feedback present in the sound of movies/ music and games. This is known as Tactile Sound which is perceived by the body/bones instead of the ears.

The filters in a 4D Gaming Stool separate the low frequency sound from the input signal for better bass quality.

The 4D Gaming Stool has the option to connect a satellite speaker to it and can be converted into a 1.1 channel audio system. The satellite speaker handles the high frequency sound and you get complete audio experience. This also helps when the volume of the TV is not sufficient for you.

The design of the 4D Gaming Stool acts as a low-pass filter which acoustically limits the high- frequency response of the subwoofer system. This design gives more efficiency and deep bass extension that would not be possible in conventional designs of equal size. It helps produce high level of acoustical output at lower excursions. The 4D Gaming Stool will not only well integrate into any home but also enhance the performance of your existing TV/System to a great extent.

You can make a Home Theater in every room. The 4D gaming stool is very affordable and easy to move so you can have BIG Theater like sound in every room. Place one or more Gaming Stool in a room with a display and you'll enjoy movies and television as if you were in theater. In addition to the sound that you hear, the sensations that the gaming stool provides make the experience unmatched. It provides bass that is immediate, tight and which can also be felt at low volume levels

The stealth designing of the 4D Gaming Stool beautifully hides the woofer and matches the aesthetics of your room. Uniquely designed and fine in its aesthetics this stool will leave your guests in amazement. Everyone will be surprised to hear theater like sound with actually seeing a woofer in the room. It turns out to be a life saver in case you have surprise guests in your house as you have an extra seat.
The stool is classy, stylish and the colour combination excites your home décor rendering a warm charm. Optimizing the space, this artistically crafted sturdy stool with leatherite cushion will be the most desirable seat in your room.


Product name Gaming Stool 12 Inch
Description A subwoofer one can use to sit and play games on by attaching to the T.V.
Woofer Type Passive
Power (watts): 300
Impedance 4-6 ohms
Speaker Inputs 1 Woofer Input
Speaker outputs 1 Satellite Output 
Dimensions (HxWxD, Inches) 16x16x16
Material 18mm Plywood
Finish Walnut
Upholstery Material Leatherite
Upholstery Color White
Cabinet type 4th Order Bandpass
Drive unit orientation Upward
Driver Size (cm) 30
Shipping from city/state Delhi
Shipped in 5-7 working days
Warranty period 1 year

4D Gaming Stool is available for Demo at:

  Mute - Health Bar
25/32, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi